DIY Window Installation: A Good Idea or A Bad Idea?

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DIY Window Installation: A Good Idea or A Bad Idea? | Storm Guard Roofing and Construction DurhamWhen it’s time to replace windows, many homeowners decide to “Do It Yourself” in an effort to save money. Choosing to go down the DIY path can lead to a lot of headaches and trouble – and in the end, result in thousands of dollars of repairs. So, is DIY window installation a good idea or a bad one?

Installing Windows Is Not an Easy Process!

Make no mistake, installing windows is a tough job! Any inaccuracies during the planning stage of your DIY project can set you up for failure during installation. Sizes of windows and frames vary with different manufacturers; in fact, most windows are custom designed to fit every home’s specific needs.

Removing your old windows is a job in itself! You’ll need the proper tools and equipment to do so and if you are planning on replacing any second story windows, beware of the risk of falling and seriously injuring yourself. In light of this, you can see how installing your own windows is in no way an easy task!

You Home Could Experience Energy Loss!

Windows are the components of your home most vulnerable to energy loss and energy inefficiency. During professional window installation, contractors make sure seals are airtight. You may leave small gaps or incomplete seals during your DIY installation. This could result in higher utility bills, especially during the summer as cold air will likely leak out your home.

It Just Might Not Look Good…

To be completely honest, your DIY windows may just not look that good, especially if you’ve not attempted this before. It’s one thing for a person with experience to install their own windows. It’s an entirely different thing for an amateur to do so!

Different Climates Require Different Windows

If you chose to ‘Do It Yourself’, you will have to shop around and use your best judgement to choose your windows.  Professional window installation companies, like Storm Guard, do this kind of work all the time and therefore have the experience and know what windows work best for which climates. If you live in a very cool or very hot climate, this should be considered before selecting the windows for your home.

If it’s time for new windows in your home, contact us at 919-379-5767!  We’re more than happy to do the job for you, so you don’t suffer the consequences of a DIY disaster!

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