How Storm Guard Crafted Its Team

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How Storm Guard Crafted Its Team | Storm Guard Roofing and Construction DurhamIn keeping with southern tradition, when Storm Guard of Durham was looking to build their team, they opted to keep things in the family.

Owners Rob and Linda Kuzy recently celebrated 28 years of marriage, but their love story began while the two were working at Coty in New Jersey.

In the years that followed, Coty moved Rob to North Carolina where he met Bobby Butler and John Godkin.The three men worked closely from 2006 to 2009, so when Rob decided to start Storm Guard of Durham he knew Bobby would serve as a great Operations Manager and John would be an excellent senior inspector. He offered the two a job, and they accepted.

In need of another senior inspector, Rob and Linda had been using Chris, the owner of HoneyDoo, a handyman company to help around the shop. They were so impressed with his customer service that after a year, they offered him a job and Chris closed down his own business to come work for Storm Guard of Durham.

As the company expanded, Rob hired his former business partner and older brother, Mike to serve as his sales manager. The two owned a restaurant in New Jersey.

With that Rob hired his goddaughter and Mike’s daughter, Rachael, to handle all the marketing strategies and insurance paperwork for the company.

After seeing how well the team was working by hiring from within the family and immediate friend group, Rob knew he wanted to keep that familial feeling alive and well, and began to hire employees that he connected with.

Storm Guard of Durham’s sales canvasser, Wayne Edmonds responded to an ad and after coming in for an interview, the two learned they were both from New Jersey and were active members in the Navy. They clicked right away.

Production manager, Michael May and senior inspector, Danny Willis are brother-in-laws, and a member of the production team, Ricky Magwood is a close friend of Rachael’s.

Rounding out the team is office coordinator, Ashley Savary and senior inspector, Jon Benitez who met Rob while the three were attending weekly networking meetings. Rob was so impressed with their work ethic and their contributions at the networking events, that he had them come in for interviews, and the two have been working with Storm Guard of Durham since.

Like any good family, Storm Guard of Durham’s roots run deep and strong and the connections that have been made are ones that will last a lifetime.

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