Roof Damage? Insurance Process Made Easy

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Roof Damage? Insurance Process Made Easy | Storm Guard Roofing and Construction Durham

Accidents happen all the time, and sometimes those accidents can leave you with unexpected damages to your roof or property. But no need to worry, with years of experience as a roofing specialist, Storm Guard of Durham is here to help you.  

Getting a proper and thorough inspection from Storm Guard of Durham is the best first step. If we advise you to file a claim, then proceed with calling your insurance company to do so.

Once the claim is filed, your insurance company will reach out to you to schedule an adjuster meeting to visit your roof or property and assess the damageBe sure to notify us, so we can be present at the appointment on your behalf to support you and your property.

Once you’ve had your adjuster meeting and it’s been approved, you will receive your first initial check, called an Actual Cash Value, and your statement of loss. Your statement of loss is the estimate that your insurance company says your roof cost. Before proceeding, give us a copy of your statement of loss so we can review it and make sure your insurance company didn’t miss any items. We will make sure that they are allowing for all items per building codes.

Then it’s time to choose your new shingle color and layout all expectations moving forward. Once this is completed, Storm Guard of Durham will do the rest, and you can sit back and relax.

After your roof is replaced and completed and your deductible is paid, we will reach out to your insurance company with our Certificate of Completion. We will then send a final invoice to your insurance company and will call and follow up with them until we are notified that your last check has been released to you.

If there are any items initially missed on the statement of loss, we will reach out directly to your insurance company for the funds, which you are not responsible for.

Once Storm Guard of Durham hears from your insurance company that the funds have been released, you will then be responsible for the final invoice to Storm Guard of Durham.

While the process may seem long, it really is simple, and with our experts by your side the entire time, you’ll know you’re in good hands.

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