A Day in the Life of Marketing Manager Rachael Kuzy

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Rachael Kuzy Storm Guard of Durham

For Rachael Kuzy, helping customers is what she enjoys most.

“My favorite part of my work day is knowing that our team is making this unusual process as smooth and easy for our homeowners,” she said.”

Rachael joined the Storm Guard of Durham team after graduating from college in 2015 and began working part-time as an office assistant. She filed paperwork, called insurance companies as a liaison for homeowners, and answered phones.

But wanting to put her newly minted college degree in marketing to good use, Rachael proposed an idea to owners, Rob and Linda Kuzy.

“I sat my aunt and uncle, the owners, down and had an interview,” she said. “They brought me on board to maintain all marketing aspects of the company, as well as, maintaining what I was doing part-time.”

In her new role, days are fairly routine but there are two things that always get the day started: coffee and checking emails.

From there she rolls up her sleeves and gets to work.

On the office side, after an adjuster meeting gets approved, Rachael reviews every file to make sure homeowners are getting paid for every part of their roof, or any other items that were damaged by a storm or disaster. She submits all requested documentations to the insurance companies and follows-up on a regular basis.

From there she continues to follow-up until she hears the verdict from the insurance company and after all revised documents make it back to the office, she reviews them to make sure nothing is missed. She then stamps her approval and passes it along to the senior inspectors to move forward with the homeowner.

Once the senior inspector sits down and has a material meeting with the homeowner, she scans in and processes all the documents that were signed and initiates the sale. When all the work is complete, she files the insurance invoice.

“With me being in this position I hope that I make the process as smooth as possible for all of our homeowners,” she said. “We are aware that not everyone files a homeowners claim everyday, and it’s a confusing process, which is why we are here for you.”

On the marketing and creative side, Rachael is responsible daily for maintaining all images, graphics and documents sent out to social media. As well as, creating multiple ads for the various magazines in the triangle area. She also configures the best neighborhoods to send out direct mailers to.

Once all the work is complete, Rachael finishes her day by shutting down her computer, locking up and heading out.

It’s all in a day’s work for her.

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