How to Save Energy this Winter for a Less Costly Electric Bill

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How to Save Energy this Winter for a Less Costly Electric BillWinter is most certainly here, and nowhere is that more evident than with the record-breaking snowfall we’ve already received in North Carolina. And when snow is on the ground, we tend to put our thermostats to good use and crank up the heat.

But before you drain your bank account trying to keep your home warm, try a few of these money-saving tips to keep your bill low and your spirits high this season.

Service your HVAC.

Your HVAC unit should be running efficiently and without problems, but in order for this to occur you need to make sure it’s clean. Take a few hours and clean out your entire unit, straighten the vent fins and change the filter. If you’re unsure of how to do so, hire a professional to come service your unit.

Clean your vents and filters.

It might seem like a small task, but taking the time to clean out your vents and filters will help increase their efficiency which helps cut costs. And when these spots get congested with dust and lint they create a fire hazard, so it’s good practice to get in a routine of cleaning these out regularly.

Use LED lights.

Whether you’re decorating your home’s exterior or just looking to replace a burned out bulb, LED lights use at least 75 percent less energy and last 25 times longer than regular incandescent lights. Bonus tip: Be sure to unplug your Christmas lights when you’re not home or when you’re asleep. Even if they’re not turned on, they still draw power which raises your electric bill.

Check your insulation, roof and windows.

Improperly insulated attics and window openings can leave you with a sizeable heating bill. Adding new insulation can cut down on these costs considerably and reduce the overall warm air that might be escaping your home.

Use smart devices to control your thermostat.

Take advantage of cutting edge technology and use your smart device to control lights, set and track heating patterns and keep your home running as efficiently as possible. Download an app like Climote to help track everything.

So, keep Jack Frost from nipping at your nose…and your wallet this winter by keeping your home running as efficiently as possible. A low electric bill is always in season!
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