Rachael Kuzy Storm Guard of Durham

A Day in the Life of Marketing Manager Rachael Kuzy

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For Rachael Kuzy, helping customers is what she enjoys most. “My favorite part of my work day is knowing that our team is making this unusual process as smooth and easy for our homeowners,” she said.” Rachael joined the Storm Guard of Durham team after graduating from college in 2015 and began working part-time as an office assistant. She filed paperwork, called insurance companies as a liaison for homeowners, and answered phones. But wanting to put her newly minted college degree in marketing to good… Read More

How to Save Energy this Winter for a Less Costly Electric Bill | Storm Guard Roofing and Construction Durham

How to Save Energy this Winter for a Less Costly Electric Bill

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Winter is most certainly here, and nowhere is that more evident than with the record-breaking snowfall we’ve already received in North Carolina. And when snow is on the ground, we tend to put our thermostats to good use and crank up the heat. But before you drain your bank account trying to keep your home warm, try a few of these money-saving tips to keep your bill low and your spirits high this season. Service your HVAC. Your HVAC unit should be running efficiently and… Read More

Roof Damage? Insurance Process Made Easy | Storm Guard Roofing and Construction Durham

Roof Damage? Insurance Process Made Easy

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Accidents happen all the time, and sometimes those accidents can leave you with unexpected damages to your roof or property. But no need to worry, with years of experience as a roofing specialist, Storm Guard of Durham is here to help you.   Getting a proper and thorough inspection from Storm Guard of Durham is the best first step. If we advise you to file a claim, then proceed with calling your insurance company to do so. Once the claim is filed, your insurance company… Read More

How Storm Guard Crafted Its Team | Storm Guard Roofing and Construction Durham

How Storm Guard Crafted Its Team

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  In keeping with southern tradition, when Storm Guard of Durham was looking to build their team, they opted to keep things in the family. Owners Rob and Linda Kuzy recently celebrated 28 years of marriage, but their love story began while the two were working at Coty in New Jersey. In the years that followed, Coty moved Rob to North Carolina where he met Bobby Butler and John Godkin.The three men worked closely from 2006 to 2009, so when Rob decided to start Storm… Read More

Meet Bobby Butler! | Storm Guard Roofing and Construction Durham

Meet Bobby Butler, Operations Manager

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He is one of the two on our team that is from North Carolina. He was born and raised in Sanford, North Carolina. Bobby served in the Air Force from 1982 – 1989 as a Security Police Law Enforcement Specialist / Military Working Dog Handler. For North Carolina native Bobby Butler, accepting the role as operations manager at Storm Guard, was like coming home. Born and raised in Sanford, North Carolina, Butler served in the US Air Force from 1982 to 1989 as a security… Read More

Window Installation - DIY Or Leave Window Replacement To The Pros

DIY Window Installation: A Good Idea or A Bad Idea?

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When it’s time to replace windows, many homeowners decide to “Do It Yourself” in an effort to save money. Choosing to go down the DIY path can lead to a lot of headaches and trouble – and in the end, result in thousands of dollars of repairs. So, is DIY window installation a good idea or a bad one? Installing Windows Is Not an Easy Process! Make no mistake, installing windows is a tough job! Any inaccuracies during the planning stage of your DIY project… Read More