Skylights - Revamp Your Home's Exterior With A New Refreshed Look

Want to upgrade your home in a new way? Let the sunshine in with skylights

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A recent Storm Guard skylight & roofing project Every home eventually needs a facelift. With the natural wear and tear that weather brings, upgrading doesn’t have to be boring. Revamping your home’s look with new skylights not only gives the exterior a refreshed look, but provides you as the homeowner with something new and exciting. So, what is a skylight? A skylight is a fixed window set in the roofline that provides natural light for your home. For homes with a second story, they can… Read More

Gutters Clogged With Debris? Gutter Guards Are The Solution!

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If your gutters are going to protect your home from water damage, they need to remain clean and free of any obstructing debris. Twigs, leaves, and dirt can clog up your gutters, and cleaning them on a regular basis is no fun! That’s where gutter guards come to the rescue! What are Gutter Guards? Gutter guards are a fantastic solution to maintain the efficiency of your gutters. They work by preventing all types of debris from entering and blocking your gutters. There are four main… Read More

A New Roof: How To Stand Out On The Market And Sell Your Home!

Putting Your House Up For Sale? Here’s How A New Roof Will Help You!

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So – you’re selling your home. You might not think of it firsthand, but getting a new roof could make or break a buyer’s decision to go with your home. Houses with new roofs stand out in the market, especially in comparison to those without one. It’s not solely an added value for any potential buyer, it’s also added value for the seller! Here’s why. It Sets Your Home Apart From Others On The Market! In the housing market, any home with a roof that’s… Read More

Determining How Old Your Roof Is. Is It In Its Prime Or Dying Days? | Storm Guard Roofing and Construction Durham

Roof Age: Is It In Its Prime Or Dying Days?

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It’s likely you aren’t the first owner of your home. Houses are often built decades before you decide to move in. Because of this, important parts of your home may need some attention as time passes – like your roof! You can generally tell if your roof is in a poor state by observing the condition of its shingles. But, what if you just want to know exactly how old your roof is? After all, most roofs require a replacement every 20 to 30 years,… Read More

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Does Your Siding Need Painting? Here Are Some Pointers!

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Whether your siding is wood or vinyl, it will require a touch-up every now and then. And no – we’re not talking repairs! We’re talking painting! Painting your home’s exterior not only gives it that ‘new house look’, but it’s also a great opportunity to add some vibrant color to your home! And let’s face it, sometimes you may not be the biggest fan of the previous owner’s color selections. That’s okay! Once you’ve picked out your paint color, it’s time to get to work!… Read More

Fall To-Do List: Caulk Your Windows Before It Gets Chilly! | Storm Guard Roofing and Construction | Durham

Fall To-Do List: Caulk Your Windows Before It Gets Chilly!

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The Silicone Seal: What’s The Point? We cannot stress enough the importance of sealing your windows. If you want your home to be energy efficient and remain warm during the winter months, re-caulking your windows is key. Many homeowners do not check for this, as they think once your windows are caulked, there is no need for touch ups. As a rule of thumb, the best time to caulk your windows is during the fall, before the temperature drops. Sealant works best in temperatures 45℉… Read More