Window Installation - DIY Or Leave Window Replacement To The Pros

DIY Window Installation: A Good Idea or A Bad Idea?

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When it’s time to replace windows, many homeowners decide to “Do It Yourself” in an effort to save money. Choosing to go down the DIY path can lead to a lot of headaches and trouble – and in the end, result in thousands of dollars of repairs. So, is DIY window installation a good idea or a bad one? Installing Windows Is Not an Easy Process! Make no mistake, installing windows is a tough job! Any inaccuracies during the planning stage of your DIY project… Read More

Skylights - Revamp Your Home's Exterior With A New Refreshed Look

Want to upgrade your home in a new way? Let the sunshine in with skylights

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A recent Storm Guard skylight & roofing project Every home eventually needs a facelift. With the natural wear and tear that weather brings, upgrading doesn’t have to be boring. Revamping your home’s look with new skylights not only gives the exterior a refreshed look, but provides you as the homeowner with something new and exciting. So, what is a skylight? A skylight is a fixed window set in the roofline that provides natural light for your home. For homes with a second story, they can… Read More

Fall To-Do List: Caulk Your Windows Before It Gets Chilly! | Storm Guard Roofing and Construction | Durham

Fall To-Do List: Caulk Your Windows Before It Gets Chilly!

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The Silicone Seal: What’s The Point? We cannot stress enough the importance of sealing your windows. If you want your home to be energy efficient and remain warm during the winter months, re-caulking your windows is key. Many homeowners do not check for this, as they think once your windows are caulked, there is no need for touch ups. As a rule of thumb, the best time to caulk your windows is during the fall, before the temperature drops. Sealant works best in temperatures 45℉… Read More

windows | Storm Guard Roofing and Construction Durham

4 Signs It Might Be Time To Replace Your Windows

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Who doesn’t want to save money on their next energy bill?  Did you know that the condition of your windows play a crucial role in your home’s energy efficiency? Here are four signs that your windows might need to be replaced. Cracked or Rotted Window Frames Rotted wood will occur when cracks in window frames are exposed to rain water.  When rainwater enters these cracks, it will encourage mold to grow causing even worse damage.  This mold is precisely what causes wood to rot, so… Read More

Summer home maintenance tips | Storm Guard Roofing and Construction Durham

Summer home maintenance to keep energy bills low

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Summer is the time to kick back, relax, go to the beach, and maybe take in a baseball game. But it’s also a time for some important home maintenance. Home maintenance in the summer is mostly about energy efficiency. The sweltering heat and humidity make running your air conditioning an absolute necessity. And that means high energy bills. Here are some summertime home maintenance tips to help minimize your cooling costs. AC Checkup The best time to have your air conditioning unit serviced is at… Read More

Signs Your Windows Need To Be Replaced | Storm Guard Roofing and Construction - Durham

Signs Your Windows Need To Be Replaced

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Have you started noticing weatherstripping missing from your home’s windows? Is your energy bill a bit costlier than past months? Although your walls can’t talk, your home still offers signs to let you know when something needs to be repaired or replaced. Choosing a reputable and experienced company to assist you throughout the process is of paramount importance. With a few tips on how to spot damage early, you can be on your way to saving money with a window replacement. To get you started,… Read More